Shea's birthday food fight

posted by Diana

Happy birthday to the little boy who made me fall in love with beautiful chaos!


Hunter is halfway to one!

posted by Diana

Hunter is an extra special client to me! His mother and father are my little cousins (high school sweethearts) and his Nani is my first cousin and like a sister to me. To see what joy and love this little man has brought to an already amazingly loving and happy family has been such a joy to capture. I look forward to documenting any and every moment in his life. Thank you for trusting me with these special memories.

All my love ~ Diana

Tammi & Zach

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I have a new love affair with engagement shoots. There is something about the calm between these two as they get ready to start their lives together, that brings me back to the magic of knowing you met your soul mate. I am one of the lucky ones that can say I found mine. After meeting these two and seeing how connected they are I am so happy to see Tammi & Zach found theirs. Congrats to this gorgeous couple!

Here comes the bride~

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If you are lucky enough to find a person who loves and accepts you for who you really are, faults and all, hold on and love them back with all that you are. While doing this engagement shoot I found myself distracted by how these two were not only so in love, but truly partners and best friends. Deanna and Barret support each other in all aspects of their lives and you can feel the love and respect these two have for one another. I know these two will have a beautiful marriage and life together and I am so happy that I get to watch as they move into the next chapter of their lives. I love you two so very much and felt honored that you asked me to capture such an important time in your love story~ love you cousin Diana xoxo

Drew & Kimi's Maternity Collection

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We all called it puppy love when they started dating at only sixteen! Eleven years later they are married and about to start a family as they will soon be blessed with a son named Hunter. I am so honored to have been able to capture such an amazing time for my cousin Drew and Kimi. I love you both so very much and know that you will both be amazing parents! Enjoy every moment~ 

All my love~ Diana

Ryan's 4th Birthday

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I thought I would share a personal moment and post the pictures from Ryan's 4th birthday party. The past few years we had several personal issues which kept us from giving Ryan the kind of party he deserved. That said, when I asked Ryan what he wanted for his birthday he replied "snuggles"! So the guilt kicked in this and we decided to bring in the zoo to our home. Needless to say it was a blast and Ryan had "the greatest birthday ever!". Thank you to Beth Wagner from Scales and Tales for a wonderful showing of such amazing animals!

Mother & Daughters

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I just came back from a personal trip back to Arizona (home of my college years Go Devils!), while there I was able to spend time with some good old friends and their children. I just couldn't keep this collection of images to myself, not only do I personally love them, I love the girls in them. I have to say, being a mother of three boys takes a lot of patience and strength, but spending time with these three beautiful ladies I was enlighten by what it takes to be the mother to girls. As a woman I know it is difficult balancing between being girly and cute and being strong and independent. The issues of self-esteem and safety, heart break and love just seem harder to manage through with daughters. I am so proud of my friend Marisa, Stella and Sage could not be more amazing! I feel that we as people really have no idea what we are capable of until we love someone so much more than we love ourselves! Clearly, Marisa you have this parenting girls thing down because you are raising two incredible girls!

How to take better photos with your phone.

posted by Diana

Most of you out there want beautiful pictures of your children, but either don’t have the desire to buy an expensive camera and equipment, don’t have time to learn how to really use the expensive camera you already have and/ or just do your best to capture the every day moments with your smart phone.

I too will try to leave my camera home to spare my family another outing where I obsess over lighting and composition. That said, I seem to be unable to let a moment go by without capturing it. So in these situations I go to my iphone.

I thought I’d give you a few tips on how to take better pictures on these devices. All photos on this page were taken with my phone (nothing has been edited)

Step 1.  Clean your lens!!

I know it sounds like a no brainer, but if you are like me (with 3 kids) your phone is most likely covered in yogurt and peanut butter and jelly. So clean it.

Step 2. Check out the resolution and picture quality settings – and set them on high

Step 3. Don’t zoom… let your feet do the walking.

While most smart phones have a built-in zoom on them, I would never recommend using it. The minute you start using the zoom on the camera - you're going to get some noticeable pixelation. It is better to move yourself and your phone closer to whatever you're photographing and only use the phone's zoom as an absolute last resort!

Step 4. Stabilize yourself.

To avoid your typical blurry smart phone camera shot hold your phone with both hands with your arms pulled in tight to your body, breathe out and then snap your shot. You can also use the top of a flat surface (table, chair, gate etc..)

I kept my arm on the edge of the tub to keep it still and was able to get a clearer image.


Step 5. Let there be light!!!

Light with camera phones is important – the lower the light the more grainy and bad quality it becomes. Unless you are taking pictures of the sun or the lake, always try to keep the sun behind you and your subject. This will ensure that your subject is well lit. If you are inside or it is an overcast day you can then face your suject into the (disfused) light and try to catch the light in their eyes!

Here I turned my computer toward Ryan's face so I could get the light I needed in the dark.

Step 6. Move around and get in different positions.

This is key when taking shots of children. Get down to their level and take the shot from there.  Stand directly over them as they lay in bed. Play around with it and have fun with them while learning!

Step 7. Rules of third.

This is a photography imperative that basically says in order to bring balance and interest to an image points of interest should happen in the thirds sections of an image. So to make it simple don’t always center your subject. Some smartphone (and on instagram) you can show the rules of third grid to help you. (This picture was taken with my Canon but I wanted to give you a good rule of third example)


Step 8. Be creative!

I hope you found this helpful and I look forward to seeing your work~ Keep snapping!!


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